Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What was the best job you've ever had?

Ive had a few really good jobs... Hmmm the most fun job I ever had was when i was on the promotions team for the San Jose Sharks, the pepsi and then Dew tank patrol. (They're pepsi max tank patrol now) I was on their teams for 3 years, and had a blast. The job I had that made me feel most important, was when I was a stage manager for the All Wheels extreme stunt show and the chipper Lowell experience at California's Great America, I learned a lot as a manager there and ultimately improved on my business ethics.

But I've def worked in a lot of areas. Aside from the freelance videography and the magic assisting that I am consistently doing now... Ive been a DJ at a top 40 station, a producer at a public access station and a PA at another, I've taught martial arts. I've PAed on the set of a movie. It's still hard to pick "the best" one

What ever you want to know, I'm not shy

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