Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life's a blur, trying to pump the brakes

Wow so much has happened in the past bit, Im having a hard time keeping track of what exactly has happened.

It seems like just yesterday I was performing a the Magic Castle, and now it has been over a month since.

Side note! new addition to my schedule is I am not doing martial arts private lessons! :D

Now lets see if I can retrace my steps so I can better describe my life ^^

SO! Wednesday the 13th I decided I wanted to return home to the Bay Area, and surprise my parents. However that is all I had planned haha!

So I literally packed up my stuff thursday evening after class, and drove 5 and a half hours home on highway five by my self. Upon arriving home I literally, walked in as quietly and as Ninja like as possible, and walked in to my parents office, where they always are.My mom was basically speechless, and my dad just started laughing. Very happy to give my parents such a pleasant surprise.

I spent thursday night watching Destination Truth with my parents in their office, and then retiring to ye olde xbox 360 for some long awaited video gameage, before I hit the hay.

The next day, my plan was to go to Great America's Halloween haunt for the evening, because I heard and could tell from the photos, there was a lot new to the event than last year.

However I did not organize some one to go with, so I literally spent much of the evening of Friday the 15th looking for some one to go with. Luckily I caught Liz Osborn, who has been a friend of mine since my Senior year of high school. twas super lucky I caught her, because we would also be hanging out side of school for the first time.

(totally stole this from her face book page...HA!)

As expected, we had a blast, GA haunt really has been one upping them selfs every year, and I can honestly say GA monsters really one upped Knotts monsters this year. Liz and I saw club blood...and more of Clayton than I had ever expected to see... Slaughterhouse, and toy factory which is always awesome! We also rode Vortex, Centrifuge, and the grizzly.

It was also great seeing a bunch of people I knew from GA entertainment, and ops! The fun of course was also easily obtained thanks to the great company ; )

The next two days I had nothing planned, and really felt like I was on vacation...from this Vacation that has been... LA

Something thing cool that my parents did for me was they organized a diner gathering with my aunt, grandparents and sister. Twas delicious! It was prime rib! definitely hit the spot, and it was a wonderful time spent with family.

Any who I returned home on monday the at 3:45, right before my martial arts private lesson at 4! Just made it, and after the hour lesson and dinner, then continued teaching martial arts to my room mates and the girls from 101 until past midnight! BUT thats not all! my friend Katelyn decided to bake me a cake for my birthday... since she wanted to on my birthday, but couldnt before because I was busy. The 6 people or so who were in my room sang me happy birthday and we ate cake... and thanks to the cake I was up inhumanly late for the crazy day I had.


I had class on tuesday, and then afterwards I continued on to assist Greg Wilson with the post production of the magic land of allkazam.

Then Wednesday was really exciting! I got to do some editing during the day, then in the evening I met Ed Alonzo and Chris Mitchell to travel down to Knott's Berry farm to meet my good freind Jenna Jarvinen, who I had done over 500 shows with, back stage in magic shows : ).

Jenna came down to Knotts with her mom, and we all had a great time hanging out at Knotts, we saw the hanging the rated R stunt show that has no conscious AND has pre show dance circles... which aren't supposed to exist, but do because i'm in the crowd ;)

(vid thanks to Jenna Jarvinen)

Also saw Ed's show of course, and the hypno chick a surprisingly entertaining hypnotist show, Oh and of course we saw mazes and rode rides too.

Quick shout out to Jenna Jarvinen and Chris Steggman! thank you for the birthday gift! :D

After that wonderful night I went on to continue my busy life, of sleep school eat work sleep.

But! class provided me with an interesting challenge!

My TV production class CTVA 240 is in the process of revamping their curriculum, and basically this year will be the first year groups in 240 will produce and direct their own shows.
ALSO! I am assigned to group 1, the first group to go. We are given only a week to write all the elements necessary to compile a 5 minute television show with a 30 second break.

Our group kicked ass on our brain storming session, and we organized a talk show called Midnight with Mendoza, a Chelsea Lately like show with two guests, Lindsay Lohan and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Almost over whelming of a task but we split up the work proficiently and soared!

So Thursday Oct 28th was a big day for me too, it was the day Id Direct the show my group produced, and we flew through with great ease!

It was also the day Great America management did their research trip down to Knotts, and they were kind enough to invite me along.

So joined them of course... I know it's kind of ridiculous, third time to the same park in a month, but this time it was the VIP treatment, and a research trip with my former team!

Great America Haunt Management! FTW

SO the fun is not done yet! all that was in a day!

Friday the 29th I spent doing hw, and getting interviewed by reporter Britten Fay of the Daily Sundial news paper and then Friday night I went to the world famous White Lotus gym, with Martial arts tricker, Matt young. This place is amazing, five dollars for four hours of open gym... and the open gym has parkour parallel bars, punching bags, a dance floor, full gymnastic floor, trampoline! man, that was one heck of a work out! and I learned a cheat gainer :D

Heres a vid Matt young shot and edited.


NE who Saturday I worked in the Wilson family prop warehouse from 11- 4, then as soon as I got home I started nursing my soreness from the night before... def needed Advil that day.

My life continued on Halloween Sunday, when I had once again joined Ed and Chris at Knotts, but this time to work! I was to help them load out the show. For the third show, props came off stage to me, so i could disassemble them... trouble is, some of these props I've never disassembled my self, so it was stressful, yet a great learning experience. Load out wise, I was out with Ed and Chris working until 4:30 in the AM.

Unfortunately the next day was a lecture day for my online class, but luckily my class wasn't until 1pm :D

tuesday was another fun day of class, and then Group 1 from CTVA 240 closed out their rotation and we are clear for the year! :D

Today was a great surprise! the feature article about me in the daily sundial came out today, and it was an extremely well written article, my compliments to Britten Fay for how well written it was, and to Misael Virgen for the amazing flying kick photo of me!

Click here if you want to check the article out.

SO we are now caught up! I guess you can say Im the kind of person who likes to work hard...and play hard!

Update, I might be an illusion consultant on a magic TV show for an Ed Alonzo prop on monday, standing by on confirm!